Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -256.

Tikkun 19- 31

The Alef is constructed from Yod + Vav + Yod. After the sin of Adam the Y of the original and conceal head (the source of everything that we call in name) removed itself from the Alef. The Vav and Yod left to control creation.
The Y of the concealed head was only life force and the sin created dis-affinity with it, so it had separated itself from the levels below it.
The concealed head is a state that is beyond our ability to understand.
It is called עתיק (Pronounced Atik), which translated to ‘ancient’ because it represents the source that bestowed the original energy to create the world.

Before עתיק there is the ‘Primordial Man’ that is the thought and ‘model’ of creation. עתיק is the first energy that came out of the thought of the Creator.

In the Final correction the life energy that went back to עתיק, will reveal itself again in Malchut. This will change the name YHVH to YHYH to represent the full light and the equality between the upper and lower levels. The light and vessel will finally unite forever. There will be no more work of spiritual connections to draw light.
Can you imagine that?