Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -285.

Tikkun 21 – 26

When you can see the color of the sky changed from black to blue then the light of the sun with the energy of Chessed begin to reveal itself. It is the best time to have meditation to draw this kind of light (with sharing consciousness). When the first ray of sun appears on the horizon then the highest level of Chessed is flooding Malchut.
When starting the day with this energy, the day is in the frame of Chessed.

The afternoon is the time of Gevura and judgement. Most crimes and accidents appear at the afternoon time. The meditation should be about removing negativity. It is the opposite direction of the morning meditation.

The beginning of the night, which is from sundown to midnight) is a time of rest and balance. It is the central column.

To maximize the effect of your meditation match it with the energy of the time of day.

Obviously there are different levels for every day of the year and that will be in future articles.