Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -290.

Tikkun 21 – 31

We have 18 (=חי, life) opportunities during the 6 weekdays to pray and channel light. Every day we have 3, in the morning, afternoon and evening. When we connect to the 3 major energy shift during the day, we gain control of the flow of life force in our body.

(If you don’t know the Hebrew prayers, use sacred Hebrew Text from the Zohar in the Morning and Evening and Psalms and Zohar in the afternoon. Make time for your self to make those spiritual connections)

During the weekdays we need the archangel Metatron to carry our prayers to the supernal source, but on Shabbat we are elevated to Binah and it gives us unbridged connection.

Rosh Hashanah prayers are in the aspect of the left column for the whole year. Its time of judgment and during these two days we have the ability to ask for ourselves.

Passover is in the aspect of the right column and we minimize the desire for the self with the restriction of food to allow us to project the energy of sharing and order for the whole year.

Shavuot is in the aspect of the central column to connect to the light in complete balance. We don’t sleep on that night to disconnect from the energy of death and connect to the Tree of Life that was revealed in the time of the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai. The Holy Ari said that the one that stays up all night, listening to the whole Bible reading and doing mikveh, will experience protection from death and all kind of harms until Rosh Hashanah or even the whole year.