Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -291.

Tikkun 21 – 32

Micha 6:2 “שִׁמְעוּ הָרִים אֶת-רִיב יְהוָה, וְהָאֵתָנִים מוֹסְדֵי אָרֶץ: כִּי רִיב לַיהוָה עִם-עַמּוֹ, וְעִם-יִשְׂרָאֵל יִתְוַכָּח”
“Hear, O mountains, the YHVH controversy, and you enduring rocks, the foundations of the earth; for the YHVH has a controversy with His people, and He will plead with Israel

What is the ‘controversy’ or ‘pleading’ that God has with the mountains and his people?
The mountains are the patriarchs that are at the gates of the three columns to support our connection to the Light.

When we are connected, especially by the work of the Tzaddikim, the spiritual system is in peace, “שלום”, a word in Hebrew that means completion, a state with no lack.
שלם is complete and ו is for the 6 Sefirot of Zeir Anpin and the channel of the Light to our world, Malchut.

When we are in exile, meaning away from the light, we cause a ‘disturbance’ in the spiritual system, which is God.
Proverb 1:28 “אָז יִקְרָאֻנְנִי, וְלֹא אֶעֱנֶה יְשַׁחֲרֻנְנִי, וְלֹא יִמְצָאֻנְנִי.’
“Then will they call me, but I will not answer, they will seek me earnestly, but they shall not find me.”

The answer is that we should be connected to the Light at all times and in every action. Meditation and prayers will put us in the same ‘frequency’ to connect to the flow from the divine system; otherwise, even God won’t listen. Not because he doesn’t want, it is because we are not on the same frequency.

Why? The next verse 1:29 tells it exactly. “תַּחַת, כִּי-שָׂנְאוּ דָעַת; וְיִרְאַת יְהוָה, לֹא בָחָרוּ”
“For that they hate knowledge, and did not choose the presence of the Light (YHVH)”.
We know that knowledge in the Bible, means connection of Chokmah and Binah. We make this connection with our prayers and meditation, in the correct way as we described before..