Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -293.

Tikkun 21 – 34

On Shabbat, Malchut is elevated to Binah and we receive levels that are not available during the weekdays. Because of that we have additional silent prayer that brings us the level of Neshama.
This level gives us special opportunity to draw Ibbur עיבור into us during the sleep on Shabbat afternoon. Ibbur, means impregnation but in this case it is a soul or part of a soul that enters the body and supports it to grow spiritually.
Before the sleep we connect to the Zohar for the extra soul elevation and meditate to receive the support of righteous souls for the coming week.
A spiritually clean person can feel it when he wakes up from the sleep or immediately after Shabbat. A sense of elevation or even unexplained tears may accompany this process.

The impregnated souls require us to be good partners and stay with best positive behavior at all times. One short moment of anger can push them out and away in an instant. A heavy and unpleasant feeling comes after such event.

The ‘Havdalah’ that we make after Shabbat, is a special connection where we bless the wine, the light and Myrtle branches to preserve the extra souls we got connected to during Shabbat.

We can use other sources of pleasant scent but the Myrtle has the energy of Chessed and balance and it is the preferable scent to keeping the soul(s) or extra levels of Shabbat with us.