Daily Zohar 2948
Daily Zohar 2948
Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -2948
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No Hebrew translation for this Zohar

Zohar Yitro
The lines in the iris are called small letters of the eye. Shining Red lines reflect inner anger in people ready for conflicts. Large eyebrows emphasis the expression of the eyes.
Green eyes that blends with the surrounding white shows aspect of mercy but that person cares for himself and thinks about his own benefits. He doesn’t care about the negative impact on others.
If that person has no black color in his eyes, he’s has strong desires for the self but not from a negative side. If he is tempted with bad desire, he won’t restrict himself. He can be trusted with known things and may keep a secret but once he hears that the secret was revealed elsewhere, he would reveal everything about it but we can’t be sure if his words are accurate.
There’s a saying “eyes speak louder than words”;
The Zohar teaches us that every aspect of the eye reveals a lot. If the lines are letters then the potential of expression that can come from the eyes is endless. The study of the ‘language’ of the eyes is called Iridology. It is used to diagnose health condition on a person.
The kabbalists read the letters in the eyes to tell about the soul of a person, not the body. Even if the eyes are silent, they can speak louder and ‘testify’ for the body and soul.