Daily Zohar 2949
Daily Zohar 2949
Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -2949
Hebrew translation:

No Hebrew translation for this Zohar

Zohar Yitro
Yellow-green eyes tell of a person with instability. Egoistic, and speaks with big words but very weak when under attack. When he is told secrets, he becomes restless until he reveals them to others to make himself look big and important. When he speaks, many lines appear on his forehead.
White eyes with some green in edges means that the person has inner anger. He is usually merciful but when triggered, he gets angry and could be very cruel.
White, green and some black in the eyes tells about a person with a lot of secrets. If he takes a successful path, he will continue growing successful. His enemies can’t beat him and at the end, they submit to him.
The eyes can tell a lot about a person. The key to understanding the eyes is wisdom, Chokmah. The white is Chessed, red is Gevurah, and green is Zeir Anpin/Tiferet. through the variation of colors and shape, we can tell a lot about the person’s soul. Brown eyes are a mix of all colors and it’s the norm for most people. Large eyeballs may indicate greater spiritual connection but also out of normal and unstable mind. Eyes that are far apart may indicate split or slow mind.
DO NOT express judgment on people. The details we get from these Zohar studies are for spiritual connection to have the ability to understand people without ‘reading’ them.
Read the Zohar every day and B”H you will continue growing on this elevated path.