Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -295.

Tikkun 21 – 36

The words of the prayer elevates us from the material world to the spiritual. At that point we make a silent meditation. We should meditate to stand in front the Light that can see through our hearts and soul. It is important to be with pure heart and use words without any selfishness. Use word that don’t create separation.
That brings us close to the circle of light that surrounds and allows us to draw from it.

The method to have our prayers listened to, meaning having them connected to the light, is by connecting the line to the circle.

The line is the world of limitation and as we climb up spiritually we should think in a form of circle and include others in our prayer.

The Torah is written in lines and each of them is called שטה. The numerical value is 314, which connects us to the circle. Also the literal meaning is “sailing on water”. It is a female form to imply connection to Malchut. The root of the word is שט, which means sail (male form, Zeir Anpin). The ה refers to Malchut. The sacred text of the Torah, which is Zeir Anpin, reveals the ‘supernal waters’ coming from Binah to nourish us in Malchut.
The Torah is written in lines and columns with strict rules. All is written on one scroll. The Torah and its deeper code is the tool for us to elevate and transform our self from the line, limited world, to the circle, which is the endless light.