Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -296.

The Daily Zohar is one year old today

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Tikkun 21 – 37

The precepts in the Torah are tools for us to connect the upper and the lower to reveal the light in Malchut. We have 248 precepts of doing positive and 365 of not doing negative.
The High Priest was wearing 8 garments, 4 of white and 4 of gold.
The Torah study has also two sides, the written and the oral.

When we combine and bring together both sides we reveal the light.
Just reading the sacred text is not enough, we need to study it. By that we reveal the light of the Torah. The Zohar is the study of the Torah. The name Zohar means glow, radiation of bright light. This is the light of Torah coming out from the Zohar. When we study the Zohar we have a step up in revealing the light of the Torah.