Daily Zohar 3237
Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -3237
Hebrew translation:

95. מָה רוֹצֶה לוֹמַר? וְסוֹד הַדָּבָר – בִּזְמַן שֶׁלֹּא תִהְיוּ תַּחַת כַּנְפֵי הַשְּׁכִינָה, א’ שֶׁל זֹאת יוֹרֵד, וְהוּא מִתַּחַת לַכֹּל, וְעוֹלָה ה’ שֶׁל זֶה אֶל וְאַנְוֵהוּ מִשֶּׁחָרַב הַבַּיִת, שֶׁהֵ”א לֹא יָכְלָה לָדוּר וְלִהְיוֹת בֵּין עַמִּים נָכְרִים, שֶׁהֵ”א קְדוֹשָׁה חֲתוּכָה מִן הַשֵּׁם. הֵ”א אָלֶף: הֵ”א עֲדִיפָה בַּקְּדֻשָּׁה, א’ עֲדִיפָה לָאוֹתִיּוֹת. כְּשֶׁיָּשׁוּבוּ יִשְׂרָאֵל לְאַרְצָם, הֵ”א קְדוֹשָׁה שֶׁהִיא חֲתוּכָה מִן הַשֵּׁם שֶׁל הַקָּדוֹשׁ בָּרוּךְ הוּא, תָּשׁוּב בָּזֶה וְיֵצֵא מִנְיָן מְתֻקָּן.
96. רַבִּי אַבָּא פָּתַח וְאָמַר, (ישעיה מ) מִי מָדַד בְּשָׁעֳלוֹ מַיִם וְשָׁמַיִם בַּזֶּרֶת תִּכֵּן. זֶה תּוֹר, שָׁוִין כִּבְיָכוֹל ז’ לְר’, ר’ לְת’, ו’ לְה’, זֶרֶת שֶׁל הַקָּדוֹשׁ בָּרוּךְ הוּא בְּשֵׁשׁ מֵאוֹת שִׁבְעִים שָׁנִים. מִכָּאן מִן הַשָּׁמַיִם וְעַד הָאָרֶץ, כֵּיצַד? תּוֹ”ר, זֶרֶ”ת ו”ה ה”ו תר”ז. הֻקְדְּמָה ה’ לְו’ וְהֻקְדְּמָה ו’ לְת’, ת’ לְר’, ר’ לְז’, (שמות כח) רָבוּעַ יִהְיֶה כָּפוּל זֶרֶת אָרְכּוֹ וְזֶרֶת רָחְבּוֹ כָּפוּל.


Zohar Vayechi

Exodus 15:2
“זֶה אֵלִי וְאַנְוֵהוּ אֱלֹהֵי אָבִי וַאֲרֹמְמֶנְהוּ.”
“This (זֶה) is my God, and I will praise Him; My father’s God, and I will extol Him”
After the destruction of the Holy Temple, the Israelites are not under the protection of the Shechina. The ‘א’ from ‘זאת’ is dropped with the ‘ה’ from ‘זה’ because the state of exile pushes away these Holy letters. When the Israelite go back to their land, after the corrections that would come with judgments, the letters א and ה will return to their place.
The letter ה is important in the connection to holiness and the letter א is the most important letter of the 22.

God created heavens with his little finger, ‘זרת’ (Isaiah 40:12). The letter ‘ז’ from ‘זה’ connects to the ‘ר’ of ‘תור’ (Turtledove, Torah) connects to the letter ‘ת’ to make the word ‘זרת’ that means ‘little finger (Pinky)’
Rabbi Aba says that the little finger of the Holy One Blessed be He has 670 years from heavens through Zeir Anpin to Malchut.
The letters of ‘זה’ and ‘תור’ has the combination of ‘וה’ and ‘זרת’. The ‘ה’ is of Binah that brings light to the ‘ו’ (Vav) Zeir Anpin. The ‘ו’ proceed to ‘ת’ of ‘תור’, the ‘ת’ to ‘ר’, and the ‘ר’ to ‘ז’ of ‘זה’.
ת is 400 , ר is 200, and ז is 7. In this study the ז is above Malchut and it multiplied by 10 to have 70. It brings us the sum of 670 that is 30 short of 700, which is the full height of Zeir Anpin and Malchut. The missing 30 tell us that the lower level doesn’t have connection to the upper three Sefirot.

When it says, ‘God created heavens with his little finger’, we should read as ‘God created heavens with זרת’. זרת as described above are the letters and the process that lead to that Creation. The meaning of the letters together may mean ‘little finger’ but God doesn’t have any kind of shape that we can associated with his forces. The only ‘shapes’ are the Hebrew letters that represent the forces of Creation. We should not get trapped in the imagery when it comes to spiritual understanding.