Daily Zohar 3267
Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -3267


Hebrew translation:

חסר כאן תרגום


Zohar Yitro
A person that didn’t follow the Torah but later repents and follows the righteous path, he receives a positive spirit to support his good ways. His impurities are still shown on the outside and in addition, the shape of a lion is temporarily seen on his face. It tells us that he overcame his evil side.

He feels embarrassed when people look at him because he assumes that they can see his negative past. His face gets red then turn to white or green.

There are three tendons on his face connect to each other and form embossed letters on his face. When he is completely on the righteous path, the letters sink.

The letter ‘ק’ appears on his right and the letters ‘רוב’ on his left. Together they spell ‘קרוב’ which means ‘close to’ to testify that this person is now closer to the ways of the Torah. When these letters or others on his face look embossed, it means that the person is deceptive and not straight in his ways.

If that person is from the seed of David, then the shape of a Lion is more visible on his face.

Our actions registered as letters on our face, they testify to the purity and quality of our vessel. If we have negative impressions, they may attract judgments from the negative side. For this reason, we are told to cover our forehead and look down when we go into a cemetery.

When Mashiach comes he will read our ‘resume’ from our faces. This resume has no exaggerations or misleading information. Mashiach would also ‘smell’ the light in our vessel. A strong and pleasant scent indicates a strong vessel full of light earned from the study of the Torah. The ‘resume’ and the scent would determine our share in the light of the endless. It is not a punishment if one gets little light because the Holy One Blessed be He wants to give us as much Light as our vessels can receive.