Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -327.

Tikkun 21 – 68

The root of the soul is in the supernal levels and by studying the Torah we strengthen its three levels of Nefesh, Ruach and Neshamah.
Without the study of the sacred text, the soul is weakened on both upper and lower levels. The soul connects to the body through the circulation of blood.

When the soul is weak, the Lobe of the liver then absorbs negativity and impurity that comes from the other side (Sitra Achra). Like a prostitute that connects with male energies outside and brings home judgments. From the outside of the body and without the protection of the spiritual system through the study of the Torah, the soul (= blood) is contaminated.

The spleen is at the level of Yessod of the ‘other side’ and supports the negativity. Unless we are completely righteous, we should avoid contact with negativity when it increases.

When our body and soul are shielded with the spiritual energy that comes from the Torah study, we are in balance. Then we can achieve the higher purity levels that come from the heart that drives the blood system and keeps the soul in our body.
לב מבין, לב יודע, לב רואה
(Understanding the heart, which is the level of Binah, Knowing the heart, level of Da’at and Seeing the heart, which is the level of Chokmah).

The Zohar in this section makes a direct connection between spiritual connection and purity and protection of the body.

Remember: Zohar and Kabbalah are the highest levels of Torah study and that is where we should focus.

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