Daily Zohar 3449
Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -3449


Hebrew translation:



Zohar Ha’azinu – Idra Zuta

The fire around the house of Rabbi Shimon didn’t stop all day, and no one could come close to it because the light and fire were surrounding it. Rabbi Aba was on the ground crying for the loss of his teacher. After the fire went away, he saw that the Holy Candle, holy of holies, had left the world. He was lying on his right side with a smiling face.

Rabbi Elazar took the hands of his father and kissed them. Rabbi Aba licked the ground under Rabbi Shimon. The friends couldn’t speak and started crying, Rabbi Elazar fell three times and couldn’t open his mouth.
Later he opened and said,” My father, my father. There were three and only one left.”. The three were Rabbi Shimon, his father-in-law, Rabbi Pinchas, and Rabbi Elazar. Now that he is gone, Rabbi Elazar left orphan, and alone.
Rabbi Shimon was considered to be like a huge Tree that living creatures of the field roam under it and the bird of the sky dwells in its branches. The Tree provided food to all, and now the living creatures are going to wander away. The birds that were in its branches will sink in the abyss of the big sea. The friends that were nourished from him will drink blood.

Rabbi Chiya rose on his feet and said; up until now the Holy Candle was watching over us and now we need to make efforts for his honor.
Rabbi Elazar and Rabbi Aba took him from his place on a bed that looks like a ladder to put him on his bed. The whole house was filled with good fragrance, and only Rabbi Elazar and Rabbi Aba were serving rabbi Shimon.