On Rosh Hashanah, the entire world appears in front of the supreme judged, and each individual’s future is determined. Last year we had a ‘normal’ Rosh Hashanah, and we were judged to experience a plague that affects almost every country around the world. People were locked at home with minimal social connections. Webcams runout quickly from stores, including online stores. It took a few months to replenish the inventories. Everyone wants to ‘zoom’ on each other and feel close to friends and families.
We are forced to wear face masks for protection from infection. Without going into the effectiveness and the politics of the masks, we can undoubtedly say that it’s a significant social change on a global scale. We talk less, and the masks in many ways make us lose our identity.
Kabbalah teaches us that the correction for a sin affects the body part related to the sin. The Coronavirus spread mainly from the mouth when we speak or sneeze. It implies that the sin was related to the mouth and the respiratory system. The spread of evil speech by many through the Internet allowed the quick spread of the virus worldwide. It doesn’t matter if the virus is natural or made by evil people in some secret laboratory somewhere in the world. The outcome and impact are global, and it means that the decree is from God.
The coming year would not be just another year with personal challenges. If we are going through a global event, then the correction/outcome would be on that level.
Even if a vaccine is found and distributed worldwide, it wouldn’t be the cure or the correction. There MUST be a change that would affect the entire world and our lives beyond normal.
The world is not at peace, and riots take place in many countries. Corrupt governments and strong forces of evil have the power to create destruction and affect our lives negatively. The primary battle between good and evil is in the United States. Dark forces of evil drive the riots, and even if some honest people wish to protest peacefully, evil takes over.
Our access to worship and prayer places in large groups is minimal, and many people don’t have a seat in a synagogue to participate in the services. Many with health issues stay at home to avoid the risk of infection.
I suggest using the Rosh Hashanah guide on this page , and mostly read ‘Zohar Rosh Hashanah’ below. It would provide a spiritual connection to all aspects of Rosh Hashanah. Download a copy, print it, and read/scan the entire text during the two days of Rosh Hashanah. Open your heart and pray for Mashiach that would bring the Final Peace. Commit that B’li Neder to avoid speaking evil speech and gossip during the next year and beyond. Sharing hateful speech on Social media is like you said it yourself and may carry the full correction.
Giving Tzedakah before Rosh Hashanah open the gate to Yessod and allow our prayers to elevate and reach their destination. Give to those who support your spiritual connections provide tools. Give to your Synagogue and or your spiritual teacher(s).
On Yom Kippur, the King’s court above sets the ‘faith’ of the world, and after the last day of Sukkot, which is Hoshanah Rabba, the world would start a new process of correction. Since evil is dominant in the world, the correction would be harsh. Evil doesn’t take rests, and it gets stronger with more deaths.
The way to win is to reveal Light and push away the darkness. Because we are closer to the Light and tools, we have greater responsibility and should do our best to do good and avoid evil. We stop speaking and sharing evil speech online. We connect more to the sacred text and studies of Torah and Zohar. When we keep our mouth’s purity, we protect this opening and block viruses from getting in.
With our studies, we increase the surrounding Light that gives us extra spiritual shields.
We pray for Mashiach that may already in this world, waiting for the right moment to appear and take control to eradicate evil and bring the Final Peace.

B”H, by the merits of our Zohar studies and the grace of Hashem, we are protected from evil, and the new year comes with peace.