Daily Zohar 3612
Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -3612

Hebrew translation:

112. וְעַל זֶה כָּתוּב וְנִטְמֵתֶם בָּם, בְּלִי א’, שֶׁלֹּא נִמְצֵאת רְפוּאָה לְתוֹעַבְתּוֹ, וְלֹא יוֹצֵא מִטֻּמְאָתוֹ לְעוֹלָמִים. אוֹי לָהֶם! אוֹי לְנַפְשָׁם, שֶׁלֹּא יִדְבְּקוּ בִּצְרוֹר הַחַיִּים לְעוֹלָמִים, שֶׁהֲרֵי נִטְמְאוּ! אוֹי לְעַצְמָם! עֲלֵיהֶם כָּתוּב (ישעיה סו) כִּי תוֹלַעְתָּם לֹא תָמוּת וְגוֹ’, וְהָיוּ דֵרָאוֹן לְכָל בָּשָׂר. מַה זֶּה דֵּרָאוֹן? סִרְחוֹן. מִי גָרַם לוֹ? אוֹתוֹ הַצַּד שֶׁנִּדְבָּק בּוֹ.
113. יִשְׂרָאֵל בָּאִים מִצַּד הַיָּמִין. אִם נִדְבָּקִים בְּצַד הַשְּׂמֹאל, הֲרֵי פּוֹגְמִים אֶת הַצַּד הַזֶּה, וּפוֹגְמִים אֶת עַצְמָם, וּפוֹגְמִים אֶת נַפְשָׁם, פְּגוּמִים בָּעוֹלָם הַזֶּה וּפְגוּמִים בָּעוֹלָם הַבָּא. כָּל שֶׁכֵּן מִי שֶׁנִּדְבָּק בְּצַד הַטֻּמְאָה, שֶׁהַכֹּל אָחוּז זֶה בָּזֶה, וְכָתוּב (דברים יד) כִּי עַם קָדוֹשׁ אַתָּה לַה’ אֱלֹהֶיךָ וְגוֹ’.


Zohar Shemini
Leviticus 11:43
“אַל תְּשַׁקְּצוּ אֶת נַפְשֹׁתֵיכֶם בְּכָל הַשֶּׁרֶץ הַשֹּׁרֵץ וְלֹא תִטַּמְּאוּ בָּהֶם וְנִטְמֵתֶם בָּם.”
“You shall not make yourselves abominable with any creeping thing that creeps; nor shall you make yourselves unclean with them, lest you be defiled by them.”

The word ‘וְנִטְמֵתֶם’, ‘be defiled’ is missing the letter ‘א’ because it should be written as ‘וְנִטְמֵאתֶם’. It tells us that there is no cure for the abomination described in the verse, and the impurity stays forever. Woe to them for they will not be able to connect their soul with those who will be resurrected.
It is written about them;
Isaiah 66:24
“וְיָצְאוּ וְרָאוּ בְּפִגְרֵי הָאֲנָשִׁים הַפֹּשְׁעִים בִּי כִּי תוֹלַעְתָּם לֹא תָמוּת וְאִשָּׁם לֹא תִכְבֶּה וְהָיוּ דֵרָאוֹן לְכָל בָּשָׂר.”
“And they shall go forth and look Upon the corpses of the men Who have transgressed against Me. For their worm does not die, And their fire is not quenched. They shall be an abhorrence to all flesh.”
“For their worm does not die” is the aspect of the impurity that is glued to them because their negative action connected them to the impure side.

Israel comes from the Right side and if they adhere to the Left then they are hurting the Right side, hurting their bodies, and hurting their souls. They are damaged in this world and damaged in the next world. For he who clings to the Left side of impurity, is completely flawed, for the side of impurity and the left side are intertwined.
The impurity is drawn from the Left that is separated from the Right because the Right is Holy.
Deuteronomy 14:2
“כִּי עַם קָדוֹשׁ אַתָּה לַיהוָה אֱלֹהֶיךָ וּבְךָ בָּחַר יְהוָה לִהְיוֹת לוֹ לְעַם סְגֻלָּה מִכֹּל הָעַמִּים אֲשֶׁר עַל פְּנֵי הָאֲדָמָה.”
“For you are a holy people to YHVH your God, and YHVH has chosen you to be a people for Himself, a special treasure above all the peoples who are on the face of the earth.”

The soul of the Israelite is connected directly to the Holy One Blessed be He. Any type of connection to impurity through the five senses. Seeing, hearing, smelling, eating, and touching affect the soul.
Seeing. We should avoid any negative sight. Nowadays, the news is very negative. As spiritual people, we should focus on studying and revealing light rather than actively pursuing news because it is negative everywhere. Restrict on your curiosity and spend more time on the Right/Light side. The eyes are the sense that is the highest in the body to tell us that it is the most important. It is connected directly to the soul.
Hearing. We should avoid hearing gossip and all kinds of evil speech. Sat-n has a strong presence in the world and he spreads high levels of illusions. What we see or hear is mostly lies and corrupted truth because we are in the midst of a global war between good and evil. Do not believe anything you see or hear in the news, or from other people, even if they have some kind of ‘authority.
Smelling. The nose is a tool that helps us choose a pure environment. If we ‘smell’ something bad on the physical or spiritual, we should keep our distance from it. Remember that the evil side can trap us with mind-capturing aromas.
Eating can be a holy action like the priests did when eating from the sacrifices brought to the altar in the Holy Temple. At the same time eating can be the most damaging to the body and mind. The Torah laws of Kosher are instructions that guide us in keeping our souls in a pure state. The energy of what we eat affects our body and soul.
Touching negative people or negative objects may drain our energy and we should avoid that. Some people with low energy levels have a habit to touch others and draw from their energy. They could be close friends that do it subconsciously. Nevertheless, we should avoid physical contact with such people.