Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -363.

Tikkun 21 – 104

The air that we breathe comes through the mouth and nose, which are openings in the head. This means that our life and existence come from and depend on the head.
The two wings of the lungs take in the air and absorb the light of Charades. This light then gets transferred to the heart that rests between the two wings of the lung.

The lungs and the heart are both in the upper part of the torso which is the aspect of Tiferet and the central column.

The blood contains element of judgment and the heart generates heat in the body while circulating it. The lungs act like a radiator in a cooling system and the light of Chassadim protects the heart and brings balance to it.

The Liver and spleen that hold the negativity in the body are located below the diaphragm to separate them between pure and impure systems.
The lungs with the light of Chassadim help the heart to disconnect from the impure parts of the blood and let the liver hold it.

There are many lessons to learn from this description of the Zohar. Connecting to Chassadim is important for the balance of our soul and a good breathing exercise will balance our heart and body. The meditation should be to absorb the light in the air and to transfer it to the heart.

When breathing be conscious to fully expand your lungs in three steps. First, fill up the upper part of the lungs by pushing the chest up. Second, ribs out to fill the right and left wings. Third, push the belly out to expand the lower level of the lungs.
Hold the air inside for three seconds then release it slowly meditating on keeping the light in. Breath in through the nose (Zeir Anpin) and out through the mouth (Malchut).