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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -391.

Tikkun 21 – 132

When the light that reaches Malchut is elevated to Binah by our spiritual work of restrictions and sharing, the light gets transformed into light of chassadim and create Ohr Makif, Surrounding light.

The Holy One Bless be He, which is the aspect of Zeir Anpin, covers himself with this light like a Talit, טלית.

The surrounding light reveals the Holy name YHVH and that is why the Talit covers the head and has 4 Tzizit with 32 strings.

The Talit reveals and draws the light of a spiritual connection in all the 7 Sefirot of Chessed to Malchut. A proper wedding is done under a talit and not under some fine and expensive fabric because there is a good reason for it. As we explained in the previous Daily Zohar, the wedding creates holiness and the revealed light increases the surrounding light of the couple.

A person without a family does not need to wear a talit because he has not yet connected to the continuation process. His spiritual work is to elevate himself to a level where he can join with the one to marry and join with holiness to keep the circuit of life.

When Adan and Eve sinned, they lost the direct connection with the light in the garden of Eden. They had to have a tool to draw the light, otherwise they would have died.

God immediately made them skin garments. That has the same aspect of the Talit. It is an element of separation and tool for revelation. From this point on they had to work to earn the light, be together and bring children to the world to create the continuity of life.

For advanced students:
Talit, טלית
טל – Literal meaning ‘Dew’. It represents the upper three letters of the name YHV in its expanded form.
מילוי יהו = יוד-הא-ואו
י – for the 10 Sefirot
ת – is the final letter and represents Malchut.