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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -396.

Tikkun 21 – 137

Most of us have a cellular phone that helps us communicate with the rest of the world. Only a few know how it works. Never the less we treat is as a magical piece of glass and plastic and with a few touches we can transfer our voice and image to the other side of the world.

Even if we don’t know how it works, we use this device on a daily basis; keep it safe, charged and protected from damaging elements so we can use it again and again.

There are some devices and tools that the Torah recommends us to use. We may not know how they work or what the benefits for our soul are but we should use them the same way we use our cellular phones.
During Sukkot we are instructed to build a Sukah סוכה and use four species, a young palm branch, כף תמר, three branches of הדס, Myrtal, two willow branches, ערבה and אתרוג, Etrog, which is a citrus fruit.

Putting together all the parts as Lulav, לולב and Etrog create a unique instrument for spiritual connection.

The Sukkah itself is another device that we use on Sukkot. The numerical value of סוכה , Sukah is 91 and again it represents a connection of the Light, YHVH, and Malchut, ADNY. יאהדונהי = 91.

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