Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -131.

Tikkun #10 – continue

The state of connection of the letters of the names YHVH and ADNY during the silent standing connection is called ‘electricity’ חשמל. This effect accelerates the flow of the light of Chokmah to Malchut. The angels that support this channel are called living creatures of fire.
(Now we know why unbalanced electricity could cause fire.)

The Talmud says that the person that answer Amen to a blessings draw more light than the person that said the blessings. Amen is numerical value 91and the same value as the combination of the two names YHVH and ADNY as YAHDVNHY יאהדונהי. It represents the unification of the bride and the groom, which are Zeir Anpin and Malchut.

When you answer Amen to blessings, especially when the leader of the connection repeats the part of the silent connection aloud, you charge your brain with the energy of Chokmah.

It is good to look at the sequence יאהדונהי when answering Amen. The eyes are at the level of Chokmah and when scanning this sequence it creates a better connection.

Malchut has the greatest desire for the Light of Chokmah. One of the chemical elements that relate to this energy is Lithium. I bring this section because it is related to drawing the light of Chokmah to this world and energy of electricity and fire that channel through this metal. This will also give you some understanding about how the spiritual system is reflected in nature and its basic elements.

“Lithium is the lightest of all metals. Discovered in 1817, this soft, silvery-white metal reacts readily with water and air. It cannot exist in nature in its pure form. Lithium is refined from minerals and ores that contain lithium compounds that do not react readily with any of the normal conditions of nature.”
Lithium has only 3 atoms (3 protons, 3 electrons and 4 neutrons = 10). We can see the pure energy of balance from the basic elements. It is used to hold and discharge electrical current. You probably have one on you or next to you. Lithium is used in pharmacology to cure brain imbalance and other psychiatric treatment. When the brain cannot connect properly to Chokmah then Lithium is used to balance the lack.

Some people with greater connection to the level of Chokmah are known to “drain batteries”, especially cellular phones.
Lithium burns quickly and beautifully. (Don’t try it at home!)

For your personal electrical charge, energy and balance use the Hebrew letters from the sacred text and the sequence יאהדונהי when answering Amen to blessings.
People that use these tools have better memory than others because of the flow of the light of Chokmah through their channels.