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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -454.

Tikkun 21 – 195

The 22 letters in the Torah are written in a special way. There are three groups.


7 letters, שעטנזגץ with three tags on top of each letter. The seven letters are the aspect of the world of correction and the secret of the seven dead Edomite Kings that were part of the process of creating the world. With three tags on each letter we have 21 tags that connect us to the higher name אהיה.

There are 21 occurrences of the name YHVH in the head Tefilin and 21 in the hand Tefilin. Together we have 42 for the 42 letter names.

6 letters, בדקחיה with one tag on top. The meaning that comes form these letters is “the strength of the living creature”. The word בדק “Upkeep” appears in the Bible with reference to the structure of the Holy Temple.

9 Letters, מלאכתסופר, without any tag. The meaning is “the work of the author (scribe)”

The sages tell us that when Moses went up the mountain to see God he found him adding the tags to the letters of the Torah.

The individual tag is in the shape of he letter Zayin ז, which is a short line or a dot at the top, which is Yod and a thin line drawn down, which is Vav.
The meaning of the letter name, Zayin is “armament” or “to arm”. Moses saw God “arming” the letters in the Torah with his light force.

The Zayin is constructed from the two male letters of the YHVH name, Yod and Vav. The Torah scroll is made out of parchment, which is on the level of Binah. The black ink and the letters are the level of Malchut. The 7 special letters with the three tags each bring the aspect of the concealed Keter. They also represent the 7 groups of letters (lines) of the 42 letters name, known as the Ana B’Koach. The later inject the creative force into the Torah letters.
When we read the Torah on Shabbat we open “the Armory” to dress with armor designed by God.