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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -475.

Tikkun 22 – 12
(Translation in French available here)
The different names of God represent different forces that work the system of the Tree of Life.
Each name is a defined spiritual force and control. Above all the names there is the cause of all causes, which is the Endless that has no name because it has no limits.

Here is an example but before you read it, set your mind to the understanding that the names or the Endless have no form or shape of any kind.

To understand the relation between the Endless, which is the cause of all causes and the names, look at a human as a whole system. Each body part can act on a different level and affect the whole system. The brain is the aspect of the endless. It has no limitation and can create worlds and change realities in an instant. When we name something, like “hand”, “leg” etc., we know that its power and ability is defined.

The building blocks of the Holy names are the Hebrew letters and they are defined expressions of the light force that comes from the Endless. They existed before the YHVH system and express the power of creation that came from the Endless.

The Endless is not a name; it is just a descriptive word to describe the absolute fact that it has no end or borders. If we give it a name other than Endless, it becomes a created form.

The second Commandment warns us from assigning any image to what we perceive as God. The only image we are given is what controls the system of the Tree of Life with the the name YHVH. It is an image constructed from letters and we are not allowed to read it or pronounce it. When we look at this name we pronounce ADNY, which is a name that represents the YHVH in Malchut.

The light from the Endless evolves through the different names and restricts itself to fill each vessel with the proper light for it.
From the aspect of the Endless, the sefirot are also vessels that receive their light from the levels above them.

When you give something a name, you define its essence and energies.