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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -492.

Tikkun 22 – 30

Deuteronomy 30:12
“…מִי יַעֲלֶה-לָּנוּ הַשָּׁמַיְמָה …”
“…Who will ascend for us to heavens…”

The initials of these words are מילה, meaning circumcision. The last letters are יהוה, YHVH.
Circumcision relates to the penis and YHVH to the mouth. They are delivery points from the spiritual to the physical realm. The penis brings out seeds of new life and continuation and the mouth brings out energy of actions. Because they are openings in the body, negativity lurks by the gate and awaits the opportunity to ‘grab’ and corrupt the light that comes out of the gate. The circumcision removes the negativity at the ‘door’ that has attached itself to the man because of the first sin with the Snake. The process of learning to talk is the restriction that blocks the pure light that could come out of the infant’s mouth so negativity will not have it.

The Snake teaches us the art of lying and pushes us to follow our sexual desires. The channels that can bring great light and life can also bring darkness and death.

Numbers 19:20
“…כִּי אֶת-מִקְדַּשׁ יְהוָה טִמֵּא ….”
“Because he has defiled the sanctuary of YHVH ”

Our body is a tool and a temple for the light to be expressed in this world. If we use those channels for negativity, the light of truth from YHVH goes away and the other side takes control. It brings lies and corruption that replace the pure light with darkness and bring chaos into our life.

The existence or absence of light makes an impression that is shown on the person’s face and body.