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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -493.

Tikkun 22 – 31

After the Snake seduced Eve and Adam to sin with his lies, God ‘punished’ him. He was totally disconnected from receiving from the upper light. He could feed himself only from what was already manifested in this world.

Genesis 3:14 “וְעָפָר תֹּאכַל כָּל-יְמֵי חַיֶּיךָ. ”
“…and dust shall you eat all the days of your life. ”

When a person doesn’t tell the truth all the energy that he gains with his lies goes to the Snake. To correct that he needs to lose ‘ownership’ of properties and energies that he has and may reincarnate as a poor person so he won’t be able to feed the Snake again.

Many times that correction comes in the current life time as loss in the areas of money, relationships and health. If he is lucky to understand the cause of his losses he could correct them and stop the negative effect before coming to the next life as poor.

God took away the legs of the Snake, which is the aspect of Netzach and Hod that are the bases of the vessel which gives it the ability to hold the supernal light.

Trying to achieve more with lies will only lead to bigger losses and hurt the ability to manifest greater things with the true light.

Revealing light cleanses darkness from previous life times and opens the ways to have better life in the future including next life. We should always be with truth. The result is strong connection to the central column and establishing stronger vessel to hold and channel the light for manifestation in Malchut.