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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -517.

Tikkun 22 – 55

Another secret about the Final Redemption is revealed by the Zohar.
The name of Zeir Anpin, יוד-הא-ואו-הא has two ,הא and with the double letters of the Hebrew letters מם-נן-צץ-פף-כך, we have 14 letters as the value of יד, ‘hand’. It is the left hand of God.

The final letters, called ‘Sofit’ from the meaning of ‘final’ and ‘end’, gets a different form when they are at the end of a word. They represent the final Tikkun. Four of them extend below the baseline to indicate bringing light and nourishment to the level of Malchut.
The מם, has a different ‘identity’ as a final letter. It is the middle letter of the Hebrew Alef-Bet and represents the Source, beginning and at same time the ‘end’. The square shape of ם is the aspect of the four letters of the name YHVH that will appear in equality in the vessel at the Final Redemption. It will seal the light of the Creator in Malchut. It is the only final letter that appears in the Bible in the middle of a word.

Isaiah 9:6 “לםרבה (לְמַרְבֵּה) הַמִּשְׂרָה וּלְשָׁלוֹם אֵין-קֵץ”

“to increase (make plenty) the government (dwelling of the light) and for endless peace.”

Another ‘hand’ is revealed with the ואו of the name of Zeir Anpin. It has the value of 13 for the 13 attributes of Compassion, רחמים, and with the Kolel (add 1 for the whole) we have 14 for the hand that will take ‘revenge’ (means ‘to cleanse’) from Amalek.
Isaiah 54:7 “ בְּרֶגַע קָטֹן, עֲזַבְתִּיךְ; וּבְרַחֲמִים גְּדֹלִים, אֲקַבְּצֵךְ”
“For a small moment have I forsaken you; but with great compassion will I gather you.”
The ‘compassion’, רחמים, is reference to the 13 attributes of God. גְּדֹלִים, “great”, is also related to the Chessed and the right hand of God.

The two hands equal to 28, bring together the force, כח, of the upper name AHYH, אהיה, to Zeir Anpin.

The name אהיה has the numerical value of 21 and the two hands have 28, in total we have 49 to reveal 49 aspects of light that is in the Torah.