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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -524.

Tikkun 24 – 3

Kiddush, is a blessing over wine. The Kiddush of Friday night has 70 words that come from Genesis 2:1-2 and it describes the seventh day and completes the story and act of Creation.

We add two words to the Kiddush to make 72 and to invite the participants to connect to the blessings. The person who makes the blessings says “סברי מרנן”, meaning “with your knowledge” and the listeners answer “לחיים”, “L’Chaim” meaning “To Life”.

The Kiddush brings us to Binah and Chokmah where the 72 names came to the world to bridge between the creative force and Malchut, the Shechina.
The number of words and the connection to the first Shabbat gives us complete 70 for the whole week and now to step it up, we need to add our consciousness. With the invitation from the wine we connect to the Sefirah of Da’at, which means knowledge and it puts us in the frame of Shabbat.

When we answer ‘L’Chaim’, “To Life”, we connect to the Tree of Life in all of its height. This makes the 73rd word, which is the numerical value of Chokmah. This word is 98, which is the same as צח, meaning ‘Pure’.
The Kiddush is over wine “ביין”, numerically 72. When we hear the Kiddush and answer ‘L’Chaim’ we disconnect from the aspect of Death of the Tree of Knowledge, Good and Bad.
The sin of Eve and Adam took place on the first Friday afternoon. It disconnected them from the Tree of Life. We make the Friday night Kiddush to connect to the Tree of Life and as sparks of their souls, we make the correction and transform death into life.