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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -589.

Hebrew translation:

אֲבָל לַצַּדִּיקִים, וְעֹשֶׂה חֶסֶד לַאֲלָפִים, אֲלָפִים וַדַּאי, שְׁלֹשָׁה גִלְגּוּלִים בָּהֶם הוּא מַרְוִיחַ שְׁלֹשֶׁת אֲלָפִים, שֶׁהֵם עוֹלָמוֹת שֶׁל כִּסּוּפִים, וּלְמִי? לְאֹהֲבָיו וּלְשֹׁמְרֵי מִצְוֹתָיו. לָרְשָׁעִים שֶׁהֵם לֹא יַחְזְרוּ בִתְשׁוּבָה בִּשְׁלֹשֶׁת הַגִּלְגּוּלִים הַלָּלוּ, נֶאֱמַר בָּהֶם וְהַאֲבַדְתִּי אֶת הַנֶּפֶשׁ הַהִיא מִקֶּרֶב עַמָּהּ. אָמַר: רַבִּי, אִם כֵּן אֲנִי יוֹרֵד, אֶלָּא שֶׁבַע אֲרָצוֹת הֵן, וְעוֹלִים לְשִׁבְעִים כְּנֶגֶד שִׁבְעִים נֶפֶשׁ, וְשֶׁבַע אֲרָצוֹת הֵן: אֶרֶץ, אֲדָמָה, אַרְקָא, גֵּיא, צִיָּה, נְשִׁיָּה, תֵּבֵל, וְהֵם שִׁבְעָה מְדוֹרֵי גֵיהִנֹּם. אוֹתָהּ נֶפֶשׁ שֶׁלֹּא חָזְרָה בִתְשׁוּבָה בִּשְׁלֹשֶׁת אֵלֶּה, מוֹרִיד אוֹתָהּ הַקָּדוֹשׁ בָּרוּךְ הוּא לִמְדוֹרֵי הַגֵּיהִנֹּם הַלָּלוּ, וְשָׁם נִשְׁכַּחַת לְדוֹרֵי דוֹרוֹת.
וְאִם הוּא צַדִּיק, נֶאֱמַר בּוֹ כִּי שֶׁבַע יִפּוֹל צַדִּיק וָקָם. אָמַר לוֹ רַבִּי אֶלְעָזָר: וְאִם הוּא צַדִּיק, לָמָּה יֵרֵד לְשָׁם? אֶלָּא כְּדֵי לְהוֹצִיא מִשָּׁם כָּל נֶפֶשׁ וְנֶפֶשׁ שֶׁהִרְהֲרוּ תְשׁוּבָה וּמֵתוּ בְּקִצּוּר שָׁנִים, וְהוּא טוֹרֵחַ בִּשְׁבִילוֹ, זֶהוּ מַאֲמָר רִאשׁוֹן שֶׁהוּא בְרֵאשִׁית.


Tikkun 32 – 4

Exodus 20:4
“כִּי אָנֹכִי יְהוָה אֱלֹהֶיךָ, אֵל קַנָּא–פֹּקֵד עֲו‍ֹן אָבֹת עַל-בָּנִים עַל-שִׁלֵּשִׁים וְעַל-רִבֵּעִים, לְשֹׂנְאָי”
“for I YHVH your God, a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate Me”

In this verse from the Ten Commandments, God revels the connection between the genetic code, Reincarnation and the Tikkun process. The word for Gene in Hebrew is גן and it is the initials for גלגול נשמות, meaning “cycle of souls” which is the reincarnation process.

Exodus 20:5
“וְעֹשֶׂה חֶסֶד, לַאֲלָפִים–לְאֹהֲבַי, וּלְשֹׁמְרֵי מִצְו‍ֹתָי”
“and showing mercy (Chessed) unto the thousandth generation of them that love Me and keep My commandments”

The following verse tells the reward of Chassadim, which is loving Kindness, for the righteous people that connect and follow the laws of the spiritual system.

For those that do not repent by coming back to the system of the Tree of Life it said in Leviticus 23:30
“בְּעֶצֶם, הַיּוֹם הַזֶּה–וְהַאֲבַדְתִּי אֶת-הַנֶּפֶשׁ הַהִוא, מִקֶּרֶב עַמָּהּ ”
“at the power of THIS DAY, that soul will I destroy from among his people”

‘This Day’ is a code for the Final Redemption. God tells us that if the soul is not ready after the three levels of Tikkun by the time of the Final Redemption, it will be lost.

The lost souls go down to the seven levels of hell. Only righteous souls can go down to those levels and bring up lost souls. It is usually done for the souls that had the opportunity to correct but died before their time.

There are some NDE (near death experience) stories of people who saw themselves go through a hell of a pain in the soul level, when their soul left their body. They knew that it was a result of their negative actions. Mostly with the intervention of the soul of a righteous relative, they return to life to continue the work of their correction.

By bringing souls closer to the Light with the Zohar, we save many souls from the pain that they could experience after life in the process of cleansing their negativity. The Zohar says that if people would understand the merit of doing that, they would run after every person to show them the Light.

Today it is easy to connect people to the Zohar. There are many teachers and websites with Kabbalah knowledge and access to the Zohar. Some with pay, many for free. We have the and but there are many more. No matter which place or site you choose to follow, if you feel the light coming from there, send your friends. The fact that you made some effort to bring them closer will get you the spiritual points regardless if they get connected or not.
If your soul is touched by the light of the Zohar you have the spiritual responsibility to share it.