Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -76.

This section is a different introduction just before the first of the 70 Tikkunei Zohar.

The wise (משכילים) are Rabbi Shimon and his friends, his son, rabbi Elazar, rabbi Aba, rabbi Yosei, rabbi Isaac and the rest of the friends that shine from the radiation (in Hebrew = Zohar) of heavens.

What does this Zohar (radiation of light) ask and answer; when they made these writings, they received permission form above and it was called the book of The Zohar.
The people that connect to it will be like the stars that will shine forever.
When the writing was going on, a premising was given to Elijah the prophet to connect to Rabbi Shimon and his friends with the upper righteous, armies of angels and supernal souls to support and be with them in unity with their study, which resulted in the 70 Tikunei Zohar.

The next 3 Zohar sections are parts of the article, which is called “Elijah Opened” פתח אליהו.
I will explain more about it in the coming articles. Don’t miss it.

מקור הקטע: הקדמת אחרת לתיקוני הזוהר עם פרוש מעלות הסולם (רבי יהודה צבי ברנדויין זל) פסקה 1