Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -77.

Elijah opened and said “Master of the worlds, you are one and never to be counted (because there are no more like you), you are supernal of all supernal, concealed of all concealments and there are no thoughts that can grasp any of your essence.

It is important to understand that this introduction to Tikunei Zohar is the opening of the light to the Zohar. Elijah has the keys to the worlds below and above. He was given the permission to support and teach Rabbi Shimon and his son the secrets of the spiritual system that govern all aspects of existence.

Elijah is Pinchas, the grandson of Aharon the first priest and as a priest he has the power to open the gates of Binah to draw light of Chokmah for to sustain our world.
“Elijah opened” has the special energy of a spiritual key. When we read or scanned it, it helps open spiritual channels that can manifest spiritually and materially. It is good to scan it every morning as you wake up and wash yourself, before sunrise. It is good to scan about 60 minutes after sundown Saturday evening, which is the beginning of the new week.

“Elijah opened” connect us to the endless and all the sefirot. He starts by a acknowledging the master of the worlds as the Endless, Bless be He. Then he goes through all the major elements of the divine system that allows us to be and create.

The Endless is simple in the sense that you cannot define it or give it a name because the name itself defines and limits it just by the fact that it has a name.

The Endless is the cause of all causes and all that comes out of it is concealed to the level below it so the Endless, Bless be He, is conceal of all concealments.
It began with the Ancient (עתיק יומין) concealed inside Primordial Man (אדם קדמון), which concealed inside long face (אריך אנפין), which concealed in Father and Mother (אבא ואמא), which concealed inside Zeir Anpin and Malchut.
The light of the Endless, which is infinite and circular concealed in the straight line that is light of creation, which is limited by the Sefirot, called here 10 Tikkunim, which means 10 correction or 10 foundation levels that the whole creation held by them.

Due to the importance of Patach Eliyahu (Alijah Opened) to understand the whole spiritual system, I will write, with God’s help (בעזרת השם) detailed commentary on it.