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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -911
Hebrew translation:

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Tikkun 70 – 16
(PFR Continues)

From the head of Adam Kadmon came out lights to create the world of Atzilut. Starting from the Eyes (Keter and Chokmah) through the Ears (Binah) down through the Nose (6 edges), coming out of the mouth together as Ten Sefirot. (Olam Akudim).

Our four senses of See, Hear, Smell and Speak are the leaders of our lives. They are the aspect of the YHVH and affect our connection to the spiritual system.

Y – Seeing – Chokmah – the highest level of connection in the world of Malchut, it is a totally silent sense and connects us to Keter. What we see has the most impact on us. When we look deep into the eyes of a person, we can reveal the essence of him and his emotional state. There is a danger in looking into evil eyes because it can transfer negative energy that can not be easily removed. (Watch it!)

H – Hearing – Binah – The ears have the listening power and with it we connect to Binah. The prayers and the voice that comes from the sacred text goes up to Binah and the attached consciousness continue to Chokmah. A spiritual person naturally listens to people before he answers.

V – Smell – Zeir Anpin – When the Holy Temple was active; there was a daily process of incense burning. That brought connection to the central column. The pillar of smoke was going straight up to heavens regardless of weather conditions. It was one of the visible miracles in the Holy Temple. The Nose that governs the sense of smell represents the aspect of the central column in a person. There are different types of noses, long, short, wide, narrow, nice built or crooked and all of them are related to the type of character and channel of light that this person has. Obviously, a nice balanced nose is normal and the person is mostly in balance. A crooked nose signifies difficulties, dishonesty, deception etc.

H – Speech – Malchut – The mouth of Adam Kadmon revealed the Ten Sefirot in one process. The shape of the mouth reveals the way a person connects and relates to the world around him.

These fundamentals are important in the progress of ‘reading’ people correctly and be able to help them better.