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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -933
Hebrew translation:

Sorry Hebrew translation is missing from my original files.


Tikkun 70 – 38

The aspect of the YHVH name is in everything in existence, in the four colors of the hair.
Y – White color and the aspect of Chessed in the physical expression.
H – Red, Gevurah
V – Green, Tiferet/Zeir Anpin
H – Black, Malchut

The aspect of the four letters of YHVH is also found on the forehead.
YH – Upper and lower area of the forehead
VH – Right and left side of the forehead.

People who have small fine lines on their eye brows have the aspect of Yod of the name. If a person has fine lines along the forehead, then he has the aspect of Chessed.
Short lines on the width of the forehead indicate aspect of Gevurah. These people may be short tempered and big desire for the self. On the physical level they could be above average weight.
Wide and long lines are the aspect of Tiferet, central column and balance.
Fine lines that look like small arches are the aspect of Malchut and the last Yod of ADNY.
Straight lines indicate following on the path of truth.