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Hebrew translation:

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Tikkun 70 – 45

From Ohr Hachama by Rabbi Avraham Azulai

If there are 3 wrinkles close to one eye and three close to the other eye then it indicates a good person who is much better than he looks. He cries when he is angry and doesn’t get attached to or cares about material things. He is good in his Torah studies but does not always follow it.

One can make profits dealing with this person because he will not think much about his own gain.
If the forehead is big and not round then the person has unstable mind (crazy). Sometimes it can be seen on the outside and sometimes not. If such a person walks or stand with his head bent down, then he has low intelligence.

Four large wrinkles in a person’s forehead that are visible when he speaks and sometimes becomes smooth and hidden while other wrinkles become visible on the side of his eyes indicate a person that always laughs with no reason, has big mouth and brings no value to others. There is a hidden ‘craziness’ in this person. Most people won’t deal or look at him. He may show himself as a righteous person but he has big ego and will do anything to attract attention to him.

A big and round forehead indicates a smart person with good memory. Learns quick, even without a teacher. Has success where he puts the effort. Financially he may or may not have success. He is humble and with good heart.