Following a question in the comments section I prepared the video below to explain the lights revealed on Hanukkah.

“Could you please explain this reader about the light/vessel combinations on each day of Chanukah and what we should focus on on each day (the consciousness, the preferred words and deeds, tzedakkah recipients, propitious times etc)?”

First night of Chanukah – We receive the Light of Malchut in the Vessel of Binah. We light 2 candles (1 candle & Shamash/server candle) after nightfall
Second night – Receiving Light of Yesod in Vessel of Chesed We Light 3 candles (2 candles and Shamash)
Third night – Receiving Light of Hod in Vessel of Gevurah. We Light 4 candles (3+1)
Fourth night – Receiving Light of Netzach in Vessel of Tiferet. We Light 5 candles (4+1)
Fifth night – Receiving Light of Tiferet in Vessel of Netzach. We Light 6 candles (5+1)
Sixth night – Receiving Light of Gevurah in Vessel of Hod. We Light 7 candles (6+1)
Seventh night – Receiving Light of Chesed in the Vessel of Yesod. We Light 8 candles (7+1)
Eighth night – Receiving Light of Binah in Vessel of Malchut. We Light 9 candles (8+1)

On Friday we light the candles of Hanukkah before the Shabbat Candles.

CC BY by Terry Babij

CC BY by Terry Babij

The most important connection is drawing Light to the Vessel. We use oil that represents the Light of Chokmah coming through Binah. The miracle that was revealed and re-appears every year during this time is a continuous flow of Light from Binah to Malchut.

We give Tzedakah to connect to Yessod and open the gate of Light for ourselves and the world. In our prayers we express appreciation (Sefirah of Hod) for the miracles and establish a stronger connection to the vessel. Some teachers give ‘formulas’ to meditate and act everyday. I don’t follow that. I think that every person should do his maximum best everyday of the year in every aspect of his life. Zohar, prayers, meditation, sharing, Tzedakah etc. Tzedakah during this time gives the strongest connection to the Light of Hanukkah. But we can achieve similar effect if we give Tzedkah every Friday (It could be smaller amount every week to prepare our vessels for the Light of Binah on Shabbat). Giving Tzedakah on Erev Rosh Chodesh and Holidays especially when we light candles for Tzdikim to have their support ( Purim is also a good time to elevate spiritually through the act of Tzedakah.
A person who acts spiritually properly everyday of the year is automatically benefiting from the special Lights that appear during different holidays, because his vessel is ready and his desire for the Light is strong.
The study of the Daily Zohar on a regular basis purifies and builds a stronger vessel with ability to draw Light from the upper levels.

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