The bedtime Shema is a prayer we do just before sleep. It helps our soul ascend higher and get better spiritual rest and positive messages in dreams.
The Arizal wrote that by the power of reciting the Shema, one could kill 1125 evildoers(negative entities, demons)/judgments every night (for every sin, one evildoer/judgment is created, and by reciting the Shema, one time we kill 1125 evildoers who were created, and all this in one time of reciting the Shema!), but it all depends on the depth of meditation, there is a person who makes an effort and strives and kills in one night 1125, and there is one who recites a Shema reading every time and kills only one, and therefore one should read a Shema with a great intention which will also be useful for the corrections of the sins, especially sex-related sins.

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