Daily Zohar 4100
Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -4100

Hebrew translation:

130. וּבֹא וּרְאֵה, הֲרֵי נֶאֱמַר שֶׁאֲפִלּוּ בָּעוֹלָם הַזֶּה, כְּשֶׁאָדָם יָשֵׁן עַל מִטָּתוֹ וְהַנְּשָׁמוֹת צְרִיכוֹת לְשׁוֹטֵט בָּעוֹלָם וְיָצְאוּ מִתּוֹךְ הַגּוּף, אֵין כָּל נְשָׁמָה וּנְשָׁמָה עוֹלָה וּמְשׂוֹטֶטֶת לִרְאוֹת בִּכְבוֹד סֵבֶר פְּנֵי עַתִּיק הַיָּמִים, אֶלָּא כְּמוֹ שֶׁנִּמְשָׁךְ תָּמִיד וּכְפִי הַמַּעֲשִׂים, כָּךְ נִשְׁמָתוֹ עוֹלָה.
131. אִם נִטְמָא – הוּא יָשֵׁן וְהַנְּשָׁמָה יוֹצֵאת, וְכָל אוֹתָן רוּחוֹת טְמֵאוֹת לוֹקְחוֹת אוֹתָהּ, וְנִדְבֶּקֶת בָּהֶן בְּאוֹתָן הַדְּרָגוֹת הַתַּחְתּוֹנוֹת שֶׁמְּשׁוֹטְטוֹת בָּעוֹלָם, וְהֵם מוֹדִיעוֹת לָהּ דְּבָרִים שֶׁקְּרוֹבִים לָבֹא לָעוֹלָם. וְלִפְעָמִים שֶׁמּוֹדִיעִים לָהּ דְּבָרִים כּוֹזְבִים וְצוֹחֲקִים עָלֶיהָ, וַהֲרֵי פֵּרְשׁוּהָ.
132. וְאִם זוֹכֶה אָדָם, כְּשֶׁהוּא יָשֵׁן וְנִשְׁמָתוֹ עוֹלָה, הוֹלֶכֶת וְשָׁטָה וּבוֹקַעַת בֵּין הָרוּחוֹת הַטְּמֵאוֹת הַלָּלוּ, וְכֻלָּם מַכְרִיזִים וְאוֹמְרִים: פַּנּוּ מָקוֹם, פַּנּוּ. זֶה אֵינוֹ מִצִּדֵּנוּ! וְהִיא עוֹלָה בֵּין אוֹתָם הַקְּדוֹשִׁים, וּמוֹדִיעִים לָהּ דָּבָר אֶחָד אֱמֶת.


Zohar Chayei Sarah
Continued from previous DZ
We learned that even in this world, when a person sleeps, and the soul leaves the body and has to wander in the world, not every soul wanders and ascends to see the glory of Atik Yomin (the supernal Keter). Only according to the person’s spiritual level and according to his actions, so his soul ascends.

If he becomes impure when he sleeps, and the soul has left him, all the spirits of impurity take hold of the soul, and the soul clings to those lower-level entities that wander in the world. They inform the soul of things that are about to happen in the world. Also, from what they heard behind the curtain, which is the border of the level that they are not allowed to cross. And sometimes they tell the soul lies and make fun of her, as explained before.

If the person has merits when he is asleep, and his soul ascends, she goes and wanders, and a path opens for her among the spirits of impurity, and everyone announces and says, “make room, make room, it is not from our side”, and the soul goes up and comes among the holy ones and they inform her of one true thing.

Sleep time is very important for a healthy soul. One of the tools to have a clearer path to higher levels during sleep is the Bedtime Shema. If we did good things during the day, then it would magnify our sleep quality many times fold.