The wedding canopy, חופה is a spiritual tool that supports the holy connection between the bride and groom. The prayer shawl is held by four poles to represent the holy name YHVH and the connection to the Shechina with the actual prayer Shawl, Talit. The Prayer Shawl has 32 threads (4 corners x 8 thread on each corner = 32), to represent a connection to the Torah with 32 paths of wisdom.

Under the canopy, Chupa, the rabbi connects the bride and groom with seven blessings to the seven sefirot of Malchut (bride) and the Zeir Anpin (Groom).

This public ceremony sanctifies the connection between the two and then they can elevate the silent and concealed connection when the groom penetrates the vessel of the bride and transfer from his soul (level of Ruach) to the vessel of his bride.

Wedding Canopy – חופה

Chupa, חופה
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