The mission of the Greeks in the land of Israel was to make the Jews forget their spiritual roots. They forbid the people to keep Shabbat, circumcise their boys and celebrate the new month, ‘Rosh Chodesh’. They also demanded that they wrote on the horn of an Ox “We have no part in the God of Israel”.

They knew that Shabbat was a powerful connection for them and they forbade it so the people wouldn’t benefit from the Light of Shabbat.
The corruption of the Shabbat connection affected the entire week because Shabbat draws Light to the following six days.
The circumcision ceremony connects the new baby boy with the covenant of Abraham and purifies the aspect of Yessod in the body, allowing the growing child to become a pure channel for the Light.
The precept of connecting to Rosh Chodesh was the first precept the Israelites received as people when they left Egypt. Corrupting this connection would affect negatively all aspects of renewals and the rest of the precepts.
The horn of an Ox is the aspect of Shofar that connects our consciousness to the spiritual levels. It is also the aspect of Yessod and Joseph. Writing the words “We have no part in the God of Israel” is the aspect of forcing a negative consciousness that creates disconnection from YHVH.
They pushed their ‘agenda’ for many years until the Matityahu the priest came out with the calling “who is to YHVH came to me” and the revolt started.

Nowadays, we experience similar forces that drive us away from a true and pure connection to YHVH. Religious and spiritual leaders take the easy path to satisfy their followers, focusing on their comfort rather than the hard spiritual work that is necessary to lead the person to personal redemption and earning of merits for the world to come.

Many places teach you to become spiritual by loving unconditionally and sharing, especially your money, to become an elevated individual. Being a good and kind person doesn’t earn a person any spiritual benefits except for ‘staying out of trouble’.
The Torah commands us to “Love our fellow man like ourselves” and Rabbi Ashlag explains that to ‘love as you love yourself’ can be achieved only by following the Torah and precepts. Studying the Zohar on a daily basis is the highest precept to follow. (תלמוד תורה כנגד כולם).
Push away the Greek consciousness and come closer to YHVH. No matter where you have a spiritual club and friends. Keep your daily study of the Zohar and earn a lot of merits for the world to come.