On this Lag B’Omer we celebrate exactly 10 years of daily studies.
We had plans to launch a new Daily Zohar website on this day but unfortunately, we are a little behind time and budget. but nevertheless, we are extremely happy to come to this day giving thanks to the Holy One Blessed be He, Rabbi Shimon, Rabbi Ashlag, our supporters and subscribers that are with us on the path of Light.
The video below is a preview of the new website. B”H and with your support, we will complete it and launch it online soon.
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[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCs1eJPv9IQ[/embedyt]

Please visit this page to make an elevated connection to the special light revealed on this day.
May the merits of Rabbi Shimon support our studies and shine a great light of peace and miracles on us and all the children of Israel, Amen.
With love and thanks to all