Happy Purim to all Daily Zohar friends and students.

This holiday is about disconnecting from the force of Amalek that brings doubts and death wherever it is allowed to enter. On Purim we have opportunity to tap into the highest level of Keter.

The important spiritual connections that elevate us to the level that brings miracles are:

Giving Half-a-Shekel
If you miss giving Half-a-Shekel on Purim you can do it until Rosh Chodesh Nisan.

Giving Tzedaka to open the gates if Yessod and connect to life energy.

Sharing food (Mishloach Manot).  to be p art of a big vessel, going beyond the desires for the self.

Giving gift to the poor. Rich or poor, we all have a soul that comes from the light. Giving to the poor allow us to continue to be a channel of sustenance and blessings to others.

Listen to reading of Megilat Esther (scroll of Esther). With the reading we break the force of Amalek, remove death, and connect to life and miracles.

For your convenience we have two links to a video of the Megilah reading by Kabbalist Rabbi Avraham Brandwein ZT’L, who was the son of the Kabbalist, Rabbi Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein, ZT”L

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YouTube (Google ads)

Drinking with consciousness of disconnecting from the desires of the body and be joyous with the great Light of Purim. Wild parties and getting drunk to a state of vomiting and falling on the floor is  disconnection from the Light of Purim.
Drink until you are ‘Light’ headed, not until you lose control.

Morning prayers and Torah reading this is where we can elevate our soul to Keter.

The meal of Purim.  Locking the Light of Purim connections with proper breaking bread, consciousness and the blessings of the food.

Do your best to make all or most connections and remember that Kabbalistic Purim is about keeping consciousness with the Light, not with the pleasures of food and drinks. It can easily connect you to the negative side and make you lose whatever Purim Light that you have.

With love and all good blessings,