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We have achieved the goal and we have a beautiful Torah crown on the new Torah!

Special thank you from the Brandwein family to all donors and supporters.

We have other projects in progress and your support to the Daily Zohar is highly appreciated.
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Please read this entire message for a special opportunity to be part of a great mitzvah to do before Rosh Hashanah and receive great blessings.
The Brandwein family in Israel is dedicating a Torah scroll for the memory and honor of Rabbi Avraham Brandwein and his wife, Zipporah. The Torah scroll was scribed by Rabbi Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein Shlita who was named after his grandfather ZT”L. The work was done on the old study desk of Rabbi Brandwein ZT”L, on which he wrote his Zohar commentaries. (Video below)
The dedication ceremony will be on October 10th, just before Simchat Torah. The Torah scroll will be dedicated and used in the Holy Yeshivat “Kol Yehuda” in the old city of Jerusalem to honor Rabbi Ashlag and Rabbi Brandwein of blessed memory. The yeshiva was named after Rabbi Yehuda Halevi Ashlag, Baal Hasulam, the greatest Kabbalist in recent generations.
The Daily Zohar already committed to donating the money for Keter Torah (Crown of Torah). The cost of the glorious Keter, made out of pure silver is near $3000 (The one in the picture or similar). You are invited to take this opportunity and donate generously to have a share in this great connection to a Holy Torah in a very special place.
Those who contribute and share the merits would go on a list to receive a special group blessing (Mi Sheberach) when the Torah is first used for reading, Most likely Simchat Torah or the first portion of the Torah Beresheet in the holy Yeshiva “Kol Yehuda” in the holy city of Jerusalem in the Holy Land.
Use the link below to contribute and in the comments area add your name and parents’ names (father and mother).
Use the link below to contribute. Please add your name and parents’ names (father and mother).

B’Li Neder, I will post pictures from the dedication ceremony after the event.

Brandwein Torah