Parashat Ha’man – פרשת המן

On Tuesday, just before the Shabbat of Beshalach we have a special prayer called Parashat Ha’man that has significant power.

The ‘Parashat Ha’man’ is from the Torah portion of Beshalach and it tells the story of the Manna that God brought down from heavens to feed the Israelites in the wilderness. The Manna had spiritual qualities and it satisfied every person’s taste. The Israelites received the Manna everyday until they reached the borders of the promised land.
In the same portion we find the source of the 72 names and the splitting of the Read Sea. The 72 names provide for us spiritual bridges from Malchut, the world of action, to the upper levels where spiritual and material sustenance are bestowed on us.
The spelled name of YHVH that has the numerical value of 72 יוד-הי-ויו-הי relates to the world of emanationת Atzilut. It is a special and powerful Shabbat that we connect to the power that controls physicality.

Using this special reading that some read everyday after their morning prayers, makes a powerful connection for sustenance.

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  • iejiel

    Thank you Zion

  • Elizabeth Forgach

    Thank you very much Zion.
    Blassings to you and your family.

  • lorie

    Thank you Zion for the sustenance and care you provided through your sharing of your studies and your life’s time and efforts. May an abundance of blessings come to you and all those you care for and may all who seek out Our Creator come to feel His hand in their lives. Amen.

  • Michael

    Thank you Zion, Baruch ha Shem.

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    amén Caro Denis! para nós todos!!!!


    I cannot thank you enough for all the Light & Love that you share with us -- may you be blessed eternally

  • Elisheba

    May this year be even better and for the highest good of all. And so it is…
    Thank you for your tireless efforts. Wishing you and yours lots of wealth and health in 2014.
    Endless Blessings,

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    Hello! Thank you for this opportunity. I would like to download this to my iTunes but cant seem to find a link. The web address provided does not offer a download.
    Thanks and much hatzlacha!!

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  • Alex Shapiro

    Dear Zion,

    Thanks again for all the wonderful work that you do. I have a few questions:

    1. I understand that we need to read the Hebrew part two times and Aramaic part once. Correct?

    2. Could you please remind me the significance of the 6th of Shevat (today) when it is particularly recommended to read this portion?

    Hazak ve Baruch,
    Alex Shapiro

    • 1. Yes as it is done in the video. In other days of the year we read once, just the Hebrew.
      2. It’s the Tuesday before Shabbat Beshalach. It’s not about the Hebrew date.
      I explained in the explanation above that on Tuesday we start building the vessel for the light of following Shabbat.

  • Lea

    Rav Menachem Mendel of Riminov says that whoever read Parashat HaMan / Sustenance Portion -- shnayim mikrah v’echad targum / twice in Hebrew and once in Aramaic -- during Tuesday of Parashat Beshalach (no matter the day of the month), wont lack sustenance.
    Kabbalists say that Tuesday is connected to Yaakov Avinu, the central column.

  • Doris

    Wow Lea, thank you, I will do it I need resources and work
    thank you again to Ha Shem for all of you

  • Lea

    There is an advice at the top of Parashat HaMan saying that one can read Parashat HaMan all seven days of the week but paying attention not to pray for sustenance itself only on SHABAT, which are the prayers:
    in the beginning -- second paragraph
    in the end -- the last two paragraphs.

  • noran

    hola me gustaria leer la parashat a man,no leo hebreo,donde la puedo encontrar en castellano gracias

  • Parashat Haman in the parasha of Beshalach in the Torah. The Zohar study it in Zohar Beshalach, paragraphs #364-#420.
    The sages suggest to us to read this part of the Torah everyday to connect to the ultimate source of sustenance, which is the Manna that came down from heaven.
    Beginning Tuesday before Shabbat Beshalach, the light of that shabbat appears. We read it as the Holy Ari suggests (twice each verse then once the translation to Aramaic). It gives us the highest connection to the light revealed through the reading of Parashat Haman.
    During the rest of the year we can read the verses only once.
    I DO NOT SUGGEST USING IT AS A MAGIC FORMULA OR ‘HOKUS POKUS’ THING. A person who wants to benefit from it should be with the proper sharing consciousness.
    I have the recording for streaming here:

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