On Rosh Hashanah we are judged and the heavenly court ‘discusses’ our case and decides on the Tikun process that we will go through in the coming year. It is the only opportunity during the year when we have a good chance to change what was already determined before we were born. This is the aspect of “בני חיי ומזוני”, “children, life and sustenance”.
The Holy Ari reveals to us that during the silent prayer, when we are at the higher spiritual point of the Kedusha and specifically at the word איה pronounced(“Ayeh”) we have a moment to inject personal wish of one of three types. Sustenance (Money), Life (Health) and Holy Spirit (clinging to YHVH)

How and what should we ask for?

First thing you should know is that, this is not an open door to express desire for the self alone. Second is that all material things, including our body has temporary state. Asking for more of what we have on the material level is like asking for more temporary things that have ‘terminal’ states, which has the aspect of death.

All other wishes are subsets of these three and in many ways can be achieved with proper spiritual work and soul cleansing.

[highlighter color=”violet”]Sustenance[/highlighter]
Aspect 1. Sustenance on the material level (money)
If you want more money and you already have enough to have a roof and steady income, then don’t waste your time and meditation on this wish. Work on yourself, maximize on your skills and you will have more because you already have the gate of sustenance already open for you . Your correction is in a different path.
If one is extremely in poor conditions of living and lack of food on the table to a point that he cannot focus on or do his spiritual work, then he can ask for money and sustenance.

Aspect 2. Sustenance of life and health
This wish is for people that have serious health issues. When meditating on health and long life one should think about the value of his life and what he can add to others. He should list all actions that he would do when he has good health. The vessel should be big enough to fit a ‘life changing’ request.

[highlighter color=”violet”]Children[/highlighter]A couple that doesn’t have a child should pray to have righteous children because the purpose of marriage is to create continuation in the world. That should be their first goal, even if they are not in a good financial state. A child can give them the blessing that they are looking for. Wishing to have more money for a kid’s room before he arrives to the world is not the correct order of things. A soul is waiting for them in the upper world. If they have physical difficulties and the doctors says that they can’t have children then they should look for adoption options.

[highlighter color=”violet”]Holy Spirt[/highlighter]
It is not about having clairvoyance (that too) but about having a better communication with the spiritual system. This is about having the ability to see your tikkun process and be able to correct with minimal interference of the other side/ ‘opponent’. When we are tuned to the ‘Holy Spirit’ we are able to draw more light into our lives. This light is like the Manna that came down to the Israelites from heavens. Manna came down as dew and got manifested as any type of food/flavors a person liked.
When we have connection to pure light it can fill all kind of ‘vessels’ that we create with our desires. All we need to remember is that negative desires cannot hold the light and after a short time of satisfaction, that light breaks the vessel.

[note color=”#FFFFE0″]Shanah Tova and may we all see this year the light in its full appearance in the world, Amen. [/note]