I was asked by people for guide on how to prepare and conduct the special seder that we do on the nights of Rosh Hashanah.

Rosh Hashanah is a long judgment day but on the first night we want to start with a positive outlook on the year ahead and make a special dinner.

We include in the meal special vegetables and fruits with meditations to remove negativity from our path and ask for blessings and success in everything we do during the coming year.

I wish to guide you into a proper consciousness that will serve as an excellent seed and vessel for the entire year. Below this article you’ll find links to the process the meal and the blessings.

For the dinner of Rosh Hashanah we want to prepare a nice table ‘upgraded’ with special attention as if we host honorable guests.

We use round challah to connect to the endless aspect of the circle as well as the yearly cycle. We want to program our inner GPS (God Provided System) with a path of successful year without limitations.
We want to enjoy the food but appreciate the Light in it. With our meditation we transform the dinner into a process of planting positive seeds for the New Year. One who connects to the food without proper blessings and consciousness is considered to be an idol worshipper.

What we eat is usually killed and or disconnected from its source of life. Even a fruit that was just picked from the tree immediately goes into the aspect of death. The only life in the food is it’s energy that transforms into life when using proper blessings and consciousness.
Water is a substance that we consume with high ‘life’ energy. That is why our body is mostly water. Because of that water is very receptive to consciousness, positive or negative. Open standing water will attract negativity and we do not drink water from an open vessel that was standing alone for a while, especially in public environment.

We do not eat nuts on Rosh Hashanah especially not walnuts, pecans or Brazilian nuts because the word for ‘nut’ is ‘אגוז’, which numerically equals to ‘sin’,’חטא’. We don’t want to connect to any aspect of sin during Rosh Hashanah. We avoid sleeping during the day time because sleeping is aspect of death and we want Life.

The Kabbalah of food is about receiving the Light from it. The nutrition aspect only feeds the corporeal body. The consciousness is all on Rosh Hashanah and throughout the year, especially this year. Without proper consciousness the food is a waste of ‘life’ energy. In general I suggest eating only fresh food items and products. Processed food has more of the aspect of ‘death’.
Always think about the ‘Life’ aspect of everything in your life, especially during Rosh Hashana, the days until Yom Kippur and until Hoshanah Rabah (end of Sukkot). During this special holiday period everyone’s life is determined for the coming year.

One important connection to life is to commit to study Torah and Zohar everyday or week throughout the year because they connect us to the Tree of Life.

When you follow the Rosh Hashanah Seder and the blessings inject consciousness and express your positive wish for the year. Make sure you include elements of sharing in every desire and blessings. Sharing is aspect of life and desire for the self is ‘death’.

Follow the links below for additional explanation on the process of the meal with proper blessings. Different traditions use different food types and or different order. Every food item has a name that we use to connect to a blessing. Follow your heart and consciousness.



Link to Hebrew file: http://halachayomit.com/kevatzim/tzohar%20seder%20RH.pdf

Shanah Tova and Chatimah Tova and may you all be inscribed in the book of life.