To strengthen our connection to Pessach I bring special spiritual tools to support our vessels with protection and success before receiving the awesome light of Redemption on the night of the Seder.
Special energy window this year is from sundown March 29, 2018 until sundown March 30th, 2018. You can read it anytime to benefit from it.
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The following text was copied from the writings of Kabbalist Rabbi Shimshon of Ostropol. He was taught by an angel (Magid). In his writings, Rabbi Shimshon writes that those who read the following wonderful secrets even once a year and especially on the day before Pesach, are promised to be saved on that year from obstacles, unnatural death and no one could have control over him. That person will have success in everything he does until the coming of Mashiach, Amen. Not all of us are pure and have the merit to have everything but this is a great spiritual connection that will definitely can help any one of us on different levels.
The text is a study on the writings of the Holy Ari on Passover. The Ari describes the 10 plagues that God brought on Egypt. The study include names of angels that inflicted the judgments on the Egyptians and protected the Israelites.
Watch the Video and read the text below it (on his page).

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