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Tag: Idra Zuta

The ‘correction’ of Shavuot

The ‘correction’ of Shavuot – תיקון ליל שבועות

The Zohar teaches us that on the night of Shavuot we do an important ‘Tikkun’. This Tikun is an all night study in preparation for the giving of the Torah in the coming morning. First we read from all 24 books of the Bible, then study the Idra Rabah and if there is time also the Idra Zuta.

The word Tikkun is usually related to ‘Correction’ but it also means improvement (תקן,תיקון), installation (התקנה) and קישוט, ‘decoration’. During the night we connect to 24 ‘decorations of the bride’ where the bride is the aspect of the lower Shechina, Malchut that goes up to unify with the Light.

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