The Endless Light created the world on this day with love to us, it is a day that is all Chassadim.

We should act only with aspects of Chessed and joy. Even if one’s life is difficult, the ultimate purpose of creation is to lead us to the state of complete peace and immortality. That reason is the joy and the purpose of the spiritual work we do during our many life times.

When we read the above verses we connect to the deeper spiritual aspects of Creation. Act with purity, kindness and give a lot of Tzedakah to create affinity with the Light of Chassading that is revealed on that day. It is very important to avoid anger. It pushes away all levels of Chessed and we lose the great potential light that appears on this day.

On the 25th of Elul we have the death anniversary, Hilulah, of Rabbi Elazar, the son of Rabbi Shimon. We light a candle to connect to his soul, read Zohar and make a personal wish while doing acts of sharing.

Kabbalists suggest to light five candles toward the five times the word ‘אור’,’Light’ in the story of Creation.

I suggest reading Patach Eliyahu, “Elijah Opened” that comes from the opening of the Tikunei Zohar. Tikunei Zohar is 70 revelations of secrets related to the first word of the Torah, “בראשית”,”In The Beginning”.





The Secrets of Pathach Eliyahu (Elijah Opened)





Perek Shira – פרק שירה