The Shechina Cries Out
by the Rav and Gaon, the Tzaddik and Mekubal, Rabbi Fish

[written with the guidance of Gedolei Torah]

How can it be that all the signs that Ben David is coming have appeared – to the very last sign – and it has still not been decreed that in all the kollels (Torah study schools. Zion) there should be at least several minutes a day of studying the Zohar, in order to save the Jewish nation?

How can it be that Jewish blood is spilling like water, and yet the one piece of advice offered by the Sages, which could save the Jewish nation, and bring about the Redemption with mercy – even in a generation where everyone is guilty – is not heeded?

Are we waiting, Heaven forbid, for rivers of blood to flow, and only then we will awaken? And why aren’t we at least trying to show the Holy One, blessed be He, that we desire to fulfill the only piece of advice that is written in the Oral Torah by the Sages, and to begin at least study the revealed aspects of the Zohar?

Where are the Sephardic Jews, whose fathers and grandfathers occupied themselves primarily with this wisdom, and who in that merit were spared from Hitler – may his name be obliterated – entering their countries? Why hasn’t mandatory study of the Zohar and all the other books dealing with the inner essence of the Torah been enacted for all students in every Kollel?

How can it be that thousands of Torah scholars have reached a state of extreme difficulty in supporting themselves – a state which is only getting worse, Heaven forbid – and they are still not engaged in self-examination in order to determine the cause of this trouble, and what the Holy One, blessed be He wants of us? And why have we not enacted any ordinance whereby there should be public study of the Zohar, after being promised by the Sages that it would protect us, and provide us with abundance and a livelihood, even during difficult times?

How can we ignore the Shechina crying out for her children and babies that have been captured, who are in danger, when we have the ability to save them? Can we say our hands did not spill their blood? As it says in the Zohar, parshat Naso, Israel will taste the Tree of Life, which is the book of the Zohar, and will thus experience the Final Redemption with mercy.”

Rabbi Yaakov Tzemach, blessed be his righteous memory (in the introduction to his book ‘Kol Berama’, on Idra Rabba)  wrote “Rachel weeps for her children” who do not occupy themselves with this wisdom that can hasten the Redemption, and therefore the Mashiach isn’t coming, because there are not set study times in every city, as there are for the Talmud. And therefore “they are not”- her sons are not working towards hurrying the Mashiach’s arrival.

The Baal Hagovi on Etz Hachaim” (in his recommendation for the book “Eifo Shliema” on Otzrot Hachaim) wrote that the poor people and people killed during the Exile accuse the Torah scholars in the Heavenly court of not studying Kabbalah, and the scholars are thereby punished.

The holy Or HaChaim (Vayikra 25, 25) wrote “if your brother becomes destitute, etc.”- this parasha alludes to something very great, and is a message to all the world’s inhabitants: “becomes destitute”: when the beings in the Lower World stray off the straight path, and the good influences in the world disappear, the pillar of holiness loses its vitality, because much is dependent upon the beings in the Lower World. “and sells some of his inherited property” – he will desire the Mishkan, the Mishkan Haeidut [Sanctuary of Testimony], which due to our sins was handed to the gentile nations, and which according to what is written will be redeemed by the Righteous One who draws near to Hashem. He will redeem his brethren’s property, and in that way Hashem will be redeemed from that property. And they will be judged for this in the future – all the important men of the Land, the great men of Israel, as Hashem will blame them for the shame brought upon the forlorn Mishkan.

 In conclusion: Every Rosh Kollel, every Maggid Shiur, and every individual who holds sway over large numbers, will implement in his organization or institution a mandatory study of the book of Zohar for several minutes every day – in order to save the nation of Israel. And the study should take place with simple faith in the words of our Sages, that this is the promised solution. And it is preferable to arrange a lesson for large groups, and to help them understand what they learn, etc. And anyone who has not yet implemented this ordinance in his organization or institution should save his soul by studying on his own, as much as he can.

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