Today, 6/6/12, the internet began its new phase of existence. Up until now it could reach only 4,300,000,000 points of connection ( ). That is a 10 digits number but now it is able to reach a 39 digit number that is 340 trillion trillion trillion connections.
There is a great significance to these numbers. 340 is numerically שם that represents the begining of humanity and reincarnation process (world of Tikun) and the secret of the soul of Moses. It is also 7 in small gematria that represents the state of rest at the end of the Tikun and the seventh Millenia (Hebrew calendar) that is going to be life without any aspect of negativity.

39 is representation of the sefirot of light above our world, Malchut and the Holy name יוד-הא-ואו. It is also the secret of the ‘dew’ of the Final Redemption.
The internet can now connect every human and every device on earth to each other. On the physical level we are all connected as one unit. Now we should feel and treat and respect each other as close neighbors.

The Internet runs in the speed of light, bridging two ends of the globe in a tiny fraction of a second. It is the time for us to upgrade our consciousness to be one with the light force of God that energizes every atom in existence. With that unity at the consciousness level we can bring shared light to all corners of the world and remove darkness forever.
Elevate your soul with spiritual connection through the Unity Zohar, One sacred book, read by people all around the world in the light speed of the Internet.