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On Tuesday and the week before Shabbat of Beshalach we have a special prayer and reading called Parashat Ha’man. It has significant power related to drawing light of sustenance to our lives.
Every Shabbat we are elevated to the level of Binah and read from the Torah. We connect to the Light and energy that feeds the coming week. Because each Torah portion is unique it adds specific energy to the yearly cycle. Every Shabbat is like a stop for ‘refueling’ the soul with new and pure energy. When we properly connect to the Torah on Shabbats during the year through Zohar study and services our souls are filled with Light in a complete form.
Main connection to sustenance is Parashat Haman to be read and watched on Tuesday:


What kind of Light is revealed on Shabbat Beshalach?

The 72 names – Power to manifest

Many kabbalah students are impressed by the 72 names of God that comes from this Torah Portion. They make extra efforts to participate in the Shabbat services because of that. It’s good but it would be greater if they built their vessel for the Light that is revealed every Shabbat. With the right consciousness and actions, it would help them build a bigger and purer vessel.
To learn more about the 72 names and the best way to connect to them throughout the year, watch these videos. (The links will open in a new tab/window)
You can use/download/share and save this link to your mobile device to play the 72 names prayer on demand

The Manna from heaven – Abundant Sustenance

The light for sustenance comes from a section called ‘Parashat Haman’. To activate it a person must have complete trust in YHVH and sharing consciousness done through tzedakah and tithing.
On Tuesday before the Shabbat that we read the portion of Beshalach we start building the vessel for the coming Shabbat. At that seed level we read the ‘Parashat Haman’ and give Tzedakah. It adds the proper ‘vessel’/desire for sustenance into our soul/vessel. This new ‘room’ holds the Light of the Torah that begins to appear for the coming Shabbat. With the reading of Beshalach on Shabbat we ‘seal’ the energy in our vessel. It one can not go to Shabbat service and listen to the Torah, he should read the Torah portion at home and from Zohar Beshalach, especially paragraphs 364-419 that connect to Parashat Haman.

Why so?

The Torah describes the story of the gift of Manna that God brought down from heaven to feed the Israelites in the wilderness. Through the Torah we connect back in time to that revelation of energy to benefit us here and now.
Manna = מן is numerically 90 + 1 (for the word) = 91
The Manna comes from heaven through the 9 sefirot of Light (9×10=90) to Malchut. It manifests in Malchut and receives 1 to complete the connection of upper יהוה YHVH and lower אדני ADNY, the two names that numerically equal 91.
It is important to give tzedakah and tithe, especially during this week to open the channel of Yessod for this Light. If you are one of the few that gives regularly to tzedakah and full tithe then your vessel is already prepared for this Light.
The Torah tells us that when the Israelites picked Manna more than they needed, meaning expressing the desire for the self, the pure Manna turned bad. The consciousness should be of having continuous flow of sustenance for the family and all of those who depend on us, including employees and their families.
There is a sample of the Manna from that time still in existence, and we will see it when the new Holy Temple is revealed, B”H soon (Exodus 16:32-35). That means that the connection to the energy of the Manna is exceptionally strong.
The Kiddush of the third meal of Shabbat uses two verses from Beshalach (Exodus 16:29,30) referring to the Manna. It supports us to carry the energy of Shabbat to the rest of the week.
More reading and tools for those who study regularly and have a vessel for the light.
You can use/download/share and save this link to your mobile device to play ‘Parashat Haman’ on demand. This is a shorter version for use throughout the year.
Zohar for sustenance

The Parting the Red Sea

Read more:
Miracles: Zohar Beshalach #81-89

Power of healing from YHVH

Exodus 15:26
Healing: Zohar Beshalach #353-363

Spiritual tools on audio.

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Give Tzedakah.
Removing the ‘Bread of Shame’ is very important to open channels for the Light of sustenance, health and all kind of miracles in your life.
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