Dear DZ subscribers,
Recent crisis in the Kabbalah Center created a surge of new subscribers to the Daily Zohar. I welcome every new student with love and take more responsibility on myself to make the DZ site pure and offer much greater contents in addition to the regular daily studies. In the near future you will see some improvements on the site. I wish to offer and open the DZ channel for other Kabbalah teachers and add more ‘flavours’ of Zohar studies.
With cooperation and content sharing I bring this short and sweet study on Vaytze by Shaul Youdkevitch. He was one of the first teachers of the Kabbalah center, who studied directly from Rav Berg. He also was one of the first teachers to leave the KC after the Rav was no longer leading it. His website is where you can find more great content.
Other teachers of kabbalah may email me directly to zion at
I’d like to hear from you. Please feel free to post your comments and questions below.