Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -82.

The souls of the Israelites are connected to the Holy One, blessed be He as well as the Shechinah. When the souls are in a state of separation, the energy of death fills the void. But, when the Israelites finally come out of exile (thus ending their separation from the Holy One), He will come with a vengeance to burn all the forces that caused the separation.

The left column will be awakened to push the light of the YH יה from above to below with such full force that it will burn the system of negativity, thus taking revenge upon Amalek as He promised. Amalek is the force of doubt and negativity that continues to separate the Israelites from the light of the Creator, thus causing pain and suffering in the world due to the disruption in the light that flows from the Israelites to the rest of the world.